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As a professional, I have observed a significant increase in search queries related to the popular Indonesian movie “Wedding Agreement” and its cast members on iflix. In particular, the lead actor Raffi Ahmad has been receiving a lot of attention from fans.

But who are the other actors that have played significant roles in this romantic movie? Let`s take a closer look at the standout performances from the cast of “Wedding Agreement.”

Firstly, there`s Indah Permatasari, who plays Tari, the female lead character. Her performance captured the hearts of audiences as she portrayed a strong and independent woman who agrees to marry a man she barely knows. Her chemistry with Raffi Ahmad is undeniable, making their love story one of the greatest attractions of the movie.

Next up is Aghniny Haque, who plays Ami, Tari`s best friend. She`s the source of comedic relief in the movie and adds a lot of energy to the scenes she`s in. Her character is an integral part of the story, particularly in helping Tari make certain decisions.

But let`s not forget about Jeff Smith, who played the role of Bian, Tari`s ex-boyfriend. He`s the antagonist of the movie, creating a sense of conflict that drives the story forward. His performance was convincing, making it a crucial part of the movie`s success.

Last but not least, we have Raffi Ahmad, the lead actor who played the role of the charming and successful businessman named Bari. His performance was captivating, and his chemistry with Indah Permatasari is undeniable. His acting ability and charisma made him the perfect choice for the romantic lead in “Wedding Agreement.”

In conclusion, the cast of “Wedding Agreement” played a significant role in bringing this romantic movie to life. Indah Permatasari, Aghniny Haque, Jeff Smith, and Raffi Ahmad all delivered standout performances that captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. It`s no surprise that they`ve gained massive popularity on the iflix platform and become some of Indonesia`s most beloved actors.